Microfluidics Technologies
        Hochuen serves as the microfluidics design house to provide innovative solutions to customers by helping customers design and develop their own microfluidics devices in medical and biotech industry. The customers own all the IPs and commercial rights. Hochuen provides the following design capabilities:
        Micromixing, Microvalves, Micropumps, Integrated devices.


        Engineering & Prototyping
        Hochuen’s highly experienced research and development team applies their knowledge to identify the materials and processes that best suit a project's unique requirements. Hochuen provides services for small quantity prototype manufacturing, and work with the customers for design optimization and product development.


        Assemblies & Package Solutions
        Hochuen provides component assemblies, custom packaging and labeling solutions, which are for ease of use, lowering cost, and enhancing product integrity.


        End-to-End Manufacturing
        Hochuen services include product conceptualization and product development, vendor sourcing, custom fabrication, manufacturing, assemblies, and packaging.


        Hochuen maintain stocks of high purity medical grade Poly Methyl Methacrylate (PMMA), Polycarbonate (PC), Poly ethylene terephthalate (PET), and Cyclic Olefin polymers (COP or COC) including Zeonor 1420 R. We can rapidly obtain other materials of choice through our suppliers. We have extensive experience working with pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) from Adhesives Research and 3M for bioassay applications. We have both acrylic and silicone based PSAs of various thickness with different bonding strength, carrier material, and surface properties in stock for your application needs. Our experienced research and development team will help you in selecting the materials for your application.