Die Cutting
        Most state-of-art, multiple stationed, computer controlled rotary die cutting systems equipped with ultra-sensitive optics, promise the most accurate registration available in the industry.


        Multiple layers of materials are treated with a variety of pressure sensitive adhesives and bonded together to form a composite layer best suited to a specific application.


        6-color flexo-printing with high precision and magnetic locking of main components. The automatic silkscreen printing provides the best print quality with vibrant colors.


        CO2 Laser Micromachining
        Extremely rapid prototyping with a turn-around time of a few hours, and capable of processing the materials of PMMA, laminates, PSA tape, PET, and teflon-based polymer


        High Precision CNC Machining
        Highly sophisticated modern machinery capable of processing a wide range of materials ensuring a very high level of accuracy to a few thousandths of a millimeter to produce high quality parts for aviation, automotive, and transportation.


        Injection Molding
        Parts made in a 10,000 cleanroom environment, which produce high quality, medical grade devices with turn around time in days not in weeks.


        Cleanroom Manufacturing
        A class 10,000 cleanroom is available for medical grade product component manufacturing.